18+ T&C Apply

Bad Beat Jackpot

We want you to enjoy WePlay Network experience so much, that we reduce your chances of losing!

Wondering how? We are very excited to present the Bad Beat Jackpot!


  • This promotion applies to all NLH tables only. The Bad beat Jackpot prize pool is filled with a margin of 10% of the total rake from a pot. ( Example: the total rake from the hand is $2, so $0.20 goes into the Bad beat Jackpot prize pool. )
  • Losing hands must have minimum qualifying hands, in this case Full House Ace of Tens (AAATT) is the minimum qualifying hand for NL Holdem
  • Qualifying Full House (AAATT) must lose to Quads od higher. The player holding the Full House must have at least one Ace in his hole cards
  • If more than one player loses with holding a hand that qualifies for the Bad Beat Jackpot prize, the prize will be divided proportionally
  • The Bad beat Jackpot is paid to the losing player, the winning player and the rest of the table:
  • The pot must be at least 10bb.
  • 4 players must be dealt before the flop.
  • To win the Bad beat Jackpot prize, both player must use two of their hole cards and the hand must reach a showdown.

Prize Pool Structure

– $0.02/$0.05 - Loser 2%, Winner 1%, Rest of players at the Table 1% (4%)
– $0.05/$0.1 - Loser 3%, Winner 1.5%, Rest of players at the Table 1.5% (6%)
– $0.1/$0.2 - Loser 5%, Winner 2.5%, Rest of players at the Table 2.5% (10%)
– $0.25/$0.5 - Loser 8%, Winner 4%, Rest of players at the Table 4% (16%)
– $0.5/$1 - Loser 15%, Winner 7.5%, Rest of players at the Table 7.5% (30%)
– $1/$2 - Loser 17.5%, Winner 8.75%, Rest of players at the Table 8.75% (35%)

Terms and Conditions:

  • – Players must be 18 years of age or older to participate in this promotion.
  • WePlay Network reserves the right to change or suspend the promotion at any time.
  • If a player is suspected of committing fraudulent activity, WePlay Network has the right to investigate and take appropriate action.
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