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Multi Table Tournament

The WePlay Network multi table tournament stage is set ! Now it is on you to take the spotlight.

The weekly mtt scheme is based on three daily guaranteed tournaments, the first of which starts at 13:00 CET and the main daily tournament at 20:00 CET, with a guaranteed prize pool of $1,000 - $2,000 and of course two big tournaments on Sunday, which have a combined guaranteed prize pool of $6,000.

Right now, every day of the week you can find some interesting mtts to play with, a whole bunch of them just waiting to be implemented in the shortest possible time. With this and the development and growth of the network, our main goal for the future is that the guaranteed prize pools increase dramatically.

Moreover, this is just the beginning of a series of regular weekly guaranteed tournaments. So be ready to play exciting poker tournaments, but also always be on the lookout for even bigger guarantees that will see the light of a screen in the coming weeks.

Monday – Saturday

11:30 CET Free Hyper Satellite 10 x ticket to Daily Dollar $100 gtd

13:00 CET $1 Daily Dollar (R/A) $100 gtd

16:00 CET Free Hyper sub satelite to Daily Main Events 3 - 5 Tickets GTD

17:00 Free Hyper Satellite 10 x ticket to Daily Deuce $200 GTD

18:00 CET Satelite to Daily Main Events, 3-5 tickets GTD

18:30 CET $1 Daily Deuce $200 GTD

20:00 CET ($11-$22) Daily Main Event Tournament $1,000 - $2,000 GTD

21:00 CET Free Hyper sub satelite to Sunday Grand slam 10 Tickets GTD

22:00 CET $11 Daily Sound Barrier $200 GTD


15:00 CET 2(R/A) Main Satellite 20 tickets gtd to 11$ Sunday Challanger $1,000 gtd

17:00 CET $5.5(R/A) Main Satellite 20 tickets gtd to $33 Sunday Grand Slam $5,000 gtd

19:00 CET $11 Sunday Challanger $1,000 GTD

20:30 CET $33 Sunday Grand Slam $5,000 GTD